Tuesday, June 26, 2012


At the beginning of the year I joined the website
postcrossing.com. It's a website for exchanging
postcards with people all over the world. You get an address from a random person whom you send a
postcard to. When the person registers your postcard, another person anywhere gets your address and sends you a postcard. This way you can get postcards from all over the world. I always loved getting postcards, so I joined the site to get postcards. Right now I sent about 50 postcards myself and received around 45. I decided that I want to post pictures of the postcards I receive in this blog, so here we go.

The postcard on the left at the top is from Poland and it shows potatoes. I got pretty hungry when I looked at the card. Next to this postcard is a picture of a castle in Belarus. The card says that it is an UNESCO object. It's really pretty. :-)
The postcard on the left at the bottom is a picture of a mailbox and it's from Ukraine. I love the style of it. The last one is a postcard from Finland and shows a special kind of chess figures (I think it's chess ;-)) I'm not sure, but I think those figures are part of a TV series for children (I think the German title was "Die Mumins" or so...). The text on the back is in Finnish and partly covered by a poststicker (not a stamp), so I can't read what's on the card.
So, that's my first postcard post and I hope many more will follow ;-) 

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