Monday, June 25, 2012

Hello World!

>>Hello World!<<
Well, what a first sentence! ;-) Not a really creative start, but because I studied computer science, I'm allowed to say this. It's the first thing you learn when you try to learn a new programming language. Blogging is something new to me, so it's pretty legitimate to use it here.

I thought a little bit about how to start a blog. I guess an introduction is the best way: To tell a little bit about me, why I decided that I want to have a blog, what I want to do with it, why I named it like it is and so on..

I'm 27 years old and like I already said I studied computer science. I live in Germany, in the Ruhr area. I like watching sports (football, basketball and other sports depending on my mood), but I also do sports (aerobics and I started running this year). Other things I do in my free time are reading (books and blogs ;-)), postcards, shopping and other things.

So what's this blog about? I have absolutely no idea. I guess it's wait and see what it will be like. I played with the thought of my own blog for a long time and now I just gave it a try. I thought of writing about a couple of different things that I mentioned before. The postcards I get from all over the world, the books that I buy and read, new things that I try or just things that cross my way.

I read a lot of bookblogs and I love seeing what books people buy (I love buying books myself) and that inspired me. I'm not a fast reader myself, so I don't know how often I will blog about books. I prefer to read my books in English, because many things get lost in the translation process and there's no fixed price for books like the German books have. It's also easier to get paperbacks in English. I absolutely hate hardcover books. They are big and heavy and expensive... and the first edition of many books in Germany are only available in hardcover...

I will write this blog in English although German is my mother tongue (sorry for any faults in my grammar). I hope that I can improve with English this way. Back at university I did a couple of English courses to improve and to practice English. In one course about writing in English we had to write our own story and I discovered that I had fun doing it and that encouraged me also to start a blog in English. Maybe I will publish this story later in a seperate post.

Let's talk about the name of my blog. I tried to come up with a unique name that represents me and the way I am, but I'm not a creative person so it took a little bit of time. And well, I like the word "bubble" so it became part of it. I have always been a shy person and I'm still one. Back in school my teachers and the other pupils always said that I can't talk, because I was so shy and never said a word. Some teachers didn't even knew that I was in their class. ;-) My years at the university helped me a lot to fight my shyness, but it's still a part of me and I guess always will be.

So, I guess that's enough for my first blog post.

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