Friday, July 13, 2012


Hello again,

I want to post my received postcards regularly, so I decided to give this category of posts a name: Postasy! (The end of the is intended to derive from fantasy... Just for notice ;-))

So, here we go with 10 new postcards:

Postcards from the Netherlands and Finland

The postcards at the top are from the Netherlands. The first one showing a famous shoe from the Netherlands (Here they are called Clogs...). The second shows some pictures of Rotterdam.
The ones at the bottom are both from Finland. I especially like the one on the left. The pictures of the nature in Finland (with the motto: Four seasons) are so beautiful. The seasons are from the top to the bottom: spring, summer, autumn and winter. The second shows a woman with the ability for multi-tasking. The text on the back in Finnish is suppossed to say: "Have to answer..."

Postcards from Russia, Belarus, Taiwan, France and Spain
On the second picture the postcards at the top are from Russia. The left one shows a painted picture with a bridge in winter. Also a really beautiful postcard. The right one shows the city of Ekaterinenburg. I like postcards with city views. :-)
The left postcard in the middle is another painted picture, this one showing the capital of Belarus: Minsk. Again very beautiful! The right one is a postcard from Taiwan. It shows an old Fort and was designed by a friend of the sender.
The card at left side of the bottom is from France. It was a tough one, because it was written in French. I had 4 1/2 years French in school, but well... I didn't practice much vocabulary... But I (think that I) was able to understand most of it. The card itself shows a beautiful view of the L'île Saint-Cado (Isle of Saint-Cado). The last one is from Barcelona, Spain. It's a typical street view of a spanish street. I've been in a town near to Barcelona about 10 years ago. It was a beautiful and relaxing holiday... *dreaming* Especially the weather was fine. :-)

So that's it for today. Happy postcrossing everyone!

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